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From small beginnings, we built a brand that is sure to last for decades if not centuries. With owners, Manuel & Dwanda Gage, owning a restaurant has always been a dream. In 2010, we started making it come true when we opened a small snowball stand in Baton Rouge. From there, we branched off and started doing BBQ which became a specialty. From the snowball stand we went to a mobile food truck where we had a wide variety of food that we now have and have added  more items.

The food truck was such a big hit with folks, that we leased a building on North Foster Drive. And with that, it was an even bigger success with customers, and then  we were blessed to be in a position where we could buy a much better location for our restaurant.

So these have truly been baby steps that we have taken  and the journey is nowhere close to being finished. Its still just beginning!

Our main goal is to make sure that we are a company that will be here for centuries. And in doing that, we make every attempt in making sure that all our customers are more than satisfied with our food and service. We never say that were the best, because being the best means that youre at the top. And from the top there is only one way to go and that is down!

So were not the best but we are striving to be. And with your help we will be the next big thing out of Baton Rouge. So enjoy the ride with us because we are sure that it is going to be exciting!

Thank You Very Much,

Baby Dolls Cafe